Email and Accounts

New employees or students should receive a NetID automatically. However, there are some circumstances under which you might need to request one.

Make sure you don't already have a NetID

If you have a Creighton ID Card, you can find your NetID on it. Click here for instructions.

If you do not have a Creighton ID Card, there are two ways to check if you have a NetID. The first way is to use the Account Management Interface (AMI). Visit AMI and perform a search for yourself. If you turn up in the directory, you have a NetID. Find a friend who does have a NetID, and have them log in to AMI, then search for you. Your NetID will be displayed in the top right corner of your search result.

Or, you can call the Service Desk at (402) 280-1111.

Request a guest NetID

So what is all of this I've been hearing about new types of guest accounts?  Why am I seeing NetIDs that look like ab1234g?  Why can't I just request a NetID anymore?  What makes a person a "sponsored individual" anyway?

Due to several changes in the IT infrastructure, as well as increased complexity in managing the multiple types of people that come to Creighton and need to use our information resources, the Division of Information Technology, spearheaded by the Security Office, has started moving towards a sponsorship process for guests.  A sponsored individual is one who is not listed as an employee (faculty or staff) by HR, is not a registered student for a current or future term in Banner (NEST), and is not scheduled to teach a class for a current or future term in Banner.  Some examples of sponsored individuals include (but are not limited to):

    Emeritus Faculty
    Visiting or volunteer Faculty
    Summer groups such as IPF or Upward Bound
    Vendors or Contractors
    Temporary or other workers not paid by HR/Payroll

A request from a current faculty or staff member is required to sponsor an individual.  Sponsored individual accounts are limited in duration and the resources they have access to.  

How to Sponsor

Only current faculty and staff can request a sponsored individual account.  

To sponsor a guest, login to and select Request Access and then Sponsored Individual.  You will be prompted to enter information about the individual so that an account can be created.  A notification will be sent to you before the account expires allowing you to renew your sponsorship if the individual is still active.  

Once you have submitted the request, you will be informed of the individuals' UserID, OTP needed for activation, and the expiration date.  You will also receive the information via email.  If you have entered an email address for the individual, he/she will also receive an email.  The account will be provisioned overnight and should be available by the next day.  The guest will need to go to AMI to activate his/her account before it can be used.

Responsibilities as a Sponsor

As the sponsor of the account you are responsible for ensuring that it is used in accordance with all applicable university policies, including the Fair and Acceptable Use Policy.  Failure to do so may result in loss of network or account privileges.

As a sponsor you are also responsible for ensuring that the account is only active while it is needed..  Approximately one week before a guest account expires, you as the sponsor will get an email notifying you of the pending expiration and giving you the option of extending it. 

If you need a sponsored individual NetID, you will need the assistance of someone who is not a sponsored individual, your supervisor, for example. This person should log into the Account Management Interface (AMI), and choose Request Access and then Sponsored Individual.  The account will be created overnight and then will require activation and setup of the security profile.

You may contact the myIT Service Desk at (402) 280-1111 for further assistance.