Email and Accounts

When you become a student or an employee at Creighton University, you will be assigned a NetID. Your NetID is the account username that goes with your BLUE password. It will consist of three letters and five numbers, and cannot be changed. The letters usually match your initials, and the numbers are randomly generated. Your NetID provides access to online resources such as CUmail, BlueLine, and NEST.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are assigned a NetID when their records are created.  The NetID remains active for as long as the faculty or staff member is employed with Creighton.


Students are automatically assigned a NetID upon admission. This NetID remains active for as long as the student is enrolled in classes. If a student does not register for classes during two consecutive terms (not counting the summer term), the NetID will be removed along with access to email and the University network.

When students graduate from the university, they are allowed to keep their NetID and Creighton Email, Click Here to learn more about accounts after graduation.

When you are setting up your NetID/password combination for the first time, and every time you are asked to change your NetID password, you should use a private combination of letters and numbers that would be hard for anyone else to guess.

Learn more about NetID passwords and our own recommendations for strong passwords here.

Creighton ID Card

Your Creighton ID is more than just a card; it is a tool to access many of the services available on campus. From board plans to building access, parking garages to vending machines, your ID card is the key.

The Card Services Office issues ID cards and name badges for students, employees and vendors. The printing of contractor badges and guest cards require authorization, which employees may request online. The various costs are included in the forms.

Visit the Card Services website for more information.