Graduation image, caps being thrown in the air

Congratulations on completing your program with Creighton University! We know this an exciting time for you, but there is some important information about your Creighton Account you need to know.



Creighton Email


You will retain your Creighton email address. The only change that will be made to your account is that over the next month emails you send will start coming from Anyone who has your current Creighton email address will still be able to send messages to you at your original email address and you will still receive them in your mailbox.


On July 1, you will lose access to the rest of the Office 365 environment from Creighton. This means no access to OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Skype for Business, and Office Online. Please migrate any data you may have in your OneDrive for Business account to your local computer or another cloud storage provider before July 1. If you need assistance with this, please contact the Service Desk at 402-280-1111.

Microsoft Office


On July 1, any copy of Microsoft Office that you downloaded and used for free from Creighton's Office 365 environment (CUmail) will cease to function.  We recommend creating a personal account with Office365 after graduation.