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All current faculty, staff, and students receive a BLUE account while they are active members of the University Community.  For faculty and staff this generally means while they are either under contract or currently employed according to HR.  For students, this means from when you have been accepted until 1 year after your last enrolled course.  A BLUE account allows you access to various systems and services at Creighton including Office 365 (email), the NEST (banner), CUWireless (secure wireless access), and VPN among many many others.  Remember, YOU are responsible for your account.


You must activate your account before you can use it.  

  • If you are a faculty or staff member, you should have received information on how to activate from HR or your hiring manager.  
  • If you are a new student, your school's admissions department should have sent you this information in the mail.  

Steps to activate

  • Go to and click "Activate Account".  
  • Enter your assigned NetID, the one time password (OTP), and your date of birth to verify your identity.  
  • You will then be asked to create a security profile that you will use if you should ever need to reset your password.  
  • Finally, create the new password that you will use when logging in to services using your BLUE account.  

See our page on passwords for more information on building a good password and the minimum complexity requirements.


BLUE passwords expire every 180 days.  You will receive an email notification in your Creighton Email inbox approximately 2 weeks before your password expires.  The email will have directions and a link to to allow you to change your password. Log in to AMI and then select "Change Password" from the menu on the left.  Visit the passwords page for information on building a good, secure password and the minimum complexity requirements.

Security Profile

If you have forgotten your BLUE password, your security profile provides a method for you to reset it without technical assistance from the Service Desk.  To set you your security profile, please follow these instructions.

Manage your Account

Manage your BLUE account by going to where you can change/reset your password, update your security profile, search for people in the Creighton directory, or update what information is shown for you in the directory.

Guest Accounts

If you are a current faculty or staff member and need to sponsor a guest account you can do that by logging into AMI and selecting "Sponsor Guest" from the menu on the left.  Before you do that, you should read some of the information about  guest accounts to familiarize yourself with what options are available to you and what your responsibilities are.

Admin accounts

If you have an application that deals with sensitive or confidential data as defined in the data classification policy (link), and you are responsible for administering that application or server, you should have and use a separate administrative account.  This helps ensure privilege separation in case your account or computer is compromised or infected.  

Some examples of common scenarios where you would need an ADM account include:

  • access to LANDesk
  • admin access to a server
  • administrative access within an application that authenticates to BLUE

If you need to request an ADM account for a new employee, or for someone whose job roles or responsibilities have changed to require elevated privileges, you may request a new account by contacting the Service Desk at 402-280-1111 or

Retiree Accounts

Retirees (both faculty and staff) are able to keep their BLUE and Office 365 email accounts, including the email address, upon retirement.  A new automated process is coming in the next 6-8 weeks, which will automatically transition the account to reflect the retiree status by adding a new email address.  The retiree will still be able to receive emails from their current address upon retirement.  Until the new automated process is implemented DoIT needs to be informed of any retirement so the accounts can be manually retained.