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Ask Jay Bot

The Creighton RaDLab has partnered with Ivy to develop a help-desk chatbot here Creighton C logoat Creighton.  Its name is Jay Bot, and it can answer your common technical questions, as well as give some basic campus related information.  Jay Bot is a learning chatbot, so the more it is used, the smarter it becomes. If it doesn't know the answer now, there's a good chance it will down the road. Click Creighton C icon in the bottom right hand corner below to try out Jay Bot.

Jay Bot FAQ:

Question:  Jay Bot didn't respond properly to my question, is it working? 

Answer:  Jay Bot is a learning chatbot focusing on knowledge management in DoIT.  If you are asking questions unrelated to tech, there is a good chance it won't have an answer for you.  If it is tech related and doesn't know the answer, there is a good chance it will in the future.   

Question:  What do I do if Jay Bot doesn't help me? 

Answer:  You always have the option for submitting a ticket through Jay Bot.  If you don't see the Submit Ticket option, just type in I want to submit a ticket, and the form will pop up.  Also, you can always contact the helpdesk as in the past. 

Question:  Does Jay Bot know about anything other than IT? 

Answer:  While the focus of Jay Bot is IT, it also knows quite a bit about hours of operation for buildings around campus, as well as some other helpful campus information.  Feel free to ask! 

Question:  What if I have an idea to add information to Jay Bot? 

Answer:  Administrators on the back end of Jay Bot can see what people have asked.  We review these and will add information to Jay Bot we think will be helpful. 

Question:  How should I ask questions to get a proper response?

Answer:  To increase your chances of having a helpful answer, be sure to type an actual question, not just a single word.

Question:  If Jay Bot is AI, do we need to worry about it taking over the world?