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Sponsored Individual Accounts


To Create an Account for a Sponsored Individual

Creighton full-time faculty and staff can “sponsor” an individual who needs access to some online services or buildings for a variety of reasons. A sponsored individual is affiliated with Creighton but is not paid by Creighton. (i.e., a consultant working with you for a short period of time; an on-campus vendor, medical residences) Requests for sponsored individuals require you to identify both and start and end dates for access.

Some examples of sponsored individuals include (but are not limited to):

    Visiting or volunteer Faculty
    Summer groups such as IPF or Upward Bound
    Vendors or Contractors
    Temporary or other workers not paid by HR/Payroll

A sponsored individual MUST be sponsored by a current faculty or staff member.  Sponsored individual accounts are limited in duration and the resources they have access to.  

  • Sponsored Individual Accounts will no longer be listed in the Global Address List in Outlook.
    • This change is permanent and no exceptions can be made.
    • Sponsored individuals will still be listed in AMI, please search AMI when looking for a user who may have a sponsored individual account.
  • Sponsored Individual Accounts will no longer receive the full Office 365 experience, they will receive mailbox and calendar access only.
    • This means sponsored individuals will not be able to use OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Office Online, Skype for Business, and any other Office 365 service that isn't Mail or Calendar.


How to Sponsor

Only current faculty and staff can sponsor a sponsored individual account.  

  1. To sponsor a guest, login to
  2. Select Request Access on the Application Tab.
  3. Click Sponsored Individual. Note: Notice you are now on the Access tab.
  4. First search to see if the individual has an existing account.
  5. If they have an account, click their name to auto fill their existing information.
  6. If they don’t have an account, fill in the needed Guest Info.
  7. Carefully fill I the information for the individual’s affiliation to Creighton, Email and Calendar, and access dates.
  8. Note: Requests for sponsored individuals require you to identify both and start and end dates for access.
  9. Your information will automatically be filled into the Sponsor Info section.
  10. Click Submit.
  11. You will receive an email when the request is completed.

PDF Document of instructions

Video of How to Sponsor an Individual

AMI FAQ and Help Guide

Responsibilities as a Sponsor

As the sponsor of a sponsored individual account you are responsible for ensuring that it is used in accordance with all applicable university policies, including the Fair and Acceptable Use Policy.  Failure to do so may result in loss of network or account privileges.

As a sponsor you are also responsible for ensuring that the account is only active while it is needed by your sponsored individual.  Approximately one week before a sponsored individual account expires, you as the sponsor will get an email notifying you of the pending expiration and giving you the option of extending it for up to one year. 

You may contact the Service Desk at 402-280-1111 or 800-329-1011 for further assistance.