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What is identity and access management?
Identity and access management is a tool that helps ensure that the right people and job roles or identities can access the tools they need to do their work.

Where will I find the new AMI?
The new AMI will be located at the same URL, .

Will I need to activate my account in the new AMI like I did when I was a new student or employee?
Yes, you will need to active your account by clicking Activate Account on the login page and following the screen prompts.

If I do not activate my account, can I still login to AMI?
No, you will be unable to login until you have completed the Account Activation process.

If I don't activate my account, will my login still work for BlueLine and my email?
Yes, your accounts will continue to work, only your ability to retrieve, set, or change your password in AMI will be affected.


For more help contact the myIT Service Desk.


Last Updated: 02/10/2022