Network & Security

Whole Disk Encryption

For computers/laptops that contain confidential or otherwise sensitive data, we provide PGP whole disk encryption.  If you or your department stores or processes sensitive or regulated information on laptops or other portable devices, we can work with you to get WDE installed and training provided.  Contact the Service Desk at (402) 280-1111, option 3 or email

Whole disk encryption works by encrypting the data on the entire hard drive, except for a small area needed to boot the computer.  Users will have to enter a password to decrypt the disk and allow the computer to boot.  Once it has booted, it should appear no different than a non-encrypted system.

On Windows, this boot password will be synchronized with your BLUE password and should get you all the way logged on to your computer.  If you have an Apple computer, the boot password is not linked to any logon you may have.

Whole disk encryption ONLY protects the data stored on the hard drive while it is in a powered-down state.  This is ideal for users who travel in case the device is ever lost or stolen.  However, just because whole disk encryption is installed, that does not mean your computer is protected from viruses or other forms of malware that are installed while the computer is running.