Email and Accounts

When you become an employee or a student at Creighton University, you will be assigned a NetID and given a one-time password. Next, you will go to and activate your account. Your NetID is the account username that goes with your BLUE password    and provides access to the majority of Creighton's technology systems.

  • What does a NetID look like?
  • Finding your NetID

What does a NetID look like?

It will consist of three letters and five numbers, and cannot be changed. The letters usually match your initials, and the numbers are randomly generated. Thus, if Billy Bluejay were to receive a NetID, it might be something like this:

Finding your NetID

Your NetID is printed on your Creighton ID Card, as illustrated above. If you do not have a Creighton ID Card, you should call the Service Desk at 402-280-1111.

Note: Your NetID may be in a different location on your ID card, depending on the age of the card. Regardless, it will be on the front of the card.