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Event Registration

Two event registration systems are available for activities and events for the Creighton community and guests.

Free Events: EventBrite

The Division of Information Technology and Library Services recommends using EventBrite for free events.  If your event is free, there is no charge to you nor those that register for your event.  While it can be used for paid events, you should use Certain Registration instead.  There is no way to integrate EventBrite with our Banner Financial Systems to record your transactions.

To begin with EventBrite, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to http://eventbrite.com and create an account.  We suggest using an alias email address such as hr@creighton.edu so that your account is not tied to one individual in cases of personnel changes.  Once an account is established, you can add users who will have access to the account.  You can use an individual's email address to create their user login.
  2. Read the Terms of Service very carefully.  There is no service level agreement.
  3. Training will be provided via EventBrite and their online tutorials and help text.
  4. Support is also provided by EventBrite.
  5. Create your event.

*Some area of campus use Eventbrite for paid events.  This is worked out within your department directly with Eventbrite.  The event closes 7 days after and a check is sent to your department.  This is not electronically connected to Creighton University accounts.  The check is manually deposited in the account through the business office.

Paid Events--ABC Signup

The system we recommend for paid events is ABC Signup:


  • You can create and manage online registration for multiple classes and other events.
  • You can automate tasks such as sending invitations, delivering confirmation emails, and managing waiting lists.
  • Your registrants can pay with either a credit card or Paypal.
  • Reports can be generated with information collected from your event registrants. 
  • The cost to use ABC Signup will be collected from each department on a quarterly basis via the telephone billing system.
  • Proceeds from your events are routed to the main University account, from which they are distributed based on the Fund/Org/Account codes you provide.
  • Refunds are handled through ABC. 


  • To cover the annual cost of the system, we are currently charging $1.85 per registration that goes through the system.  The $1.85 is currently charged back to your department on a quarterly schedule.
  • Additionally, credit card payments submitted will incur a roughly 2.5% fee. 
  • The credit card fee is taken directly from the proceeds, so you will receive 97.5% of the fee you are charging for the event. We recommend building these fees into the cost of your events so your bottom line won't be impacted.
  • If you choose to accept Cash or Check, you will have to determine how best to acquire payment from your customer.
  • The charges covers the storage of your data, back up, redundant sites, application upgrades, training and support via a service level agreement.

NOTE:  EventBrite can be used for paid events, but is not recommended because EventBrite events are not integrated with our Banner Financial Systems to record your transactions.

To begin to use ABC Signup, contact the Web Team with the following information:

  1. Department name
  2. Primary contact name
  3. Primary contact's email address
  4. Primary contact's phone number
  5. Basic description of the event(s) to be created

Basic Instructions for ABC Signup

Logging In

Go to http://www.abcsignup.com/ and select Customer Login in the upper right-hand corner. Use the credentials provided to you by the webteam. If you have forgotten your credentials, please contact the webteam at webmarketing@creighton.edu.

Event Codes

  • The first 16 characters will contain your Banner Fund number, Banner Organization number and Banner Account number.
  • The next nine characters will be MMDDYY### where MMDDYY is the date of the event and ### is a sequential number for that day.
  • If you have more than one event that day, just increment the number- for example: 001 to 002. This provides Banner information and a unique number to identify the transaction.

Here is an example of an “Event Code”: 1110002220003333070911001