Voice, Video and Web


Last Updated: 8/25/2022

OverviewCisco telephone

As much computing power as resides on our desks, where would we be without the telephone? The Division of Information Technology provides telecommunications support and services as outlined here.

Get Started

To set up a new phone or voice mail sign in at myit.creighton.edu with your NetID and BluePassword. and select I Need Something and then choose Telephone from the left menu.  Complete with your requested information and click Submit. A technician will contact you to assist with set up.

How to Change Service

To activate/deactivate voice mail, change billing or phone service, order telephone accessories, request/remove a phone or a long distance code:

  1. Go to myIT.Creighton.edu and sign in using your NetID and Blue Password.
  2. Select I Need Something.
  3. Click Telephone from the left menu and choose what you need.
  4. Complete the form with your information and click submit.

Access Voice Mail from Off-Campus

To set or review voice mail from off-campus access the Cisco Call Manager by calling (402) 280-2500.

International Dialing Instructions

Dial 9 then 011 (country code) (city code) (rest of number) # pause for tone (enter your 7 digit Creighton University authorization code).


 For help contact the myIT Service Desk