Voice, Video and Web

About Digital Signage

There are two types of digital signs:

  1. Electronic displays presenting news, advertisements and other information
  2. Interactive touchscreens and kiosks allowing users to interact to find directions, access staff directories and more
Due to recent price drops for large plasma and LCD screens and the prominence of the Internet and social media, digital signage is becoming very popular as both an information provision and a wayfinding tool.

Creighton University's Digital Signage Service employs industry-leading Four Winds Interactive software to let you:

  • Present a wide variety of media, from text and images to animations, video and audio
  • Display any content that you have created for the Internet or television, including live updating Web pages
  • Provide enterprise-wide communications using rich media, such as streaming video, in combination with other media
  • Present live and timely updates via the network, adapting to specific situations dynamically
  • Allow the university emergency alert system (CUAlert) to provide alert messaging on your displays.
  • Develop applications to let users interact with your information, moving through maps, building or department directories, and more
Shared digital signage infrastructure and centrally managed media content make this technology a strategic university asset, aligning its adoption with the Strategic Plan goals.
See some examples of our digital signs in use on campus.