Voice, Video and Web

Digital Signage Preparations

This is a brief list of preparations and considerations an area or department must complete before digital signage can be deployed.

Order Equipment

The Division of IT will prepare necessary quotes for the client and once approved the equipment will be ordered.
Each sign requires: 

  • Display Monitor 
  • Signage Computer 
  • Mount, Cables, etc.

See our standard packages here

Prepare Location(s)

Each sign location within a unit will need to be examined by officials of the university to ensure its safety and accessibility.

Fire Code

  • Digital signs are subject to several fire safety restrictions such as not interfering with emergency egresses.
  • Free standing kiosks in high traffic areas are discouraged. 

Consult the university fire marshal on sign placement:
John Baxtor -  Director, Enviromental Health and Safety: 402-546-6269

ADA Code

Both static and interactive signs must be accessible by as many users as possible, regardless of impairment:
  • Depending on the location wall-mounted signs which protrude more than 4 inches from the wall must be installed with their lower edge 27 inches or less when measured from the floor.
  • Interactive signs should have all interactivity zones located between 24 and 48 inches off the floor.
  • When the time comes to develop what displays on your signs keep in mind that the content must be accessible. (Click here for best practices)

Contact the following Creighton staff for consultation on accessibility issues:
Coale Johnson - Project Manager, Planning and Design & ADA Council Representative: 402-280-2597
Chris Casey - Project Manager, Planning and Design: 402-280-2953


Digital signs require a nearby source of power for the display and the computer.
Contact Facilities Management about supplying power to each location that will contain a sign. Costs vary depending on the building and location.

Data Connectivity 

Ethernet needs to be run to each sign location to provide connectivity to the network.
We will initiate this process for you when you sign up for the service, or you can contact Facilities Management about supplying the network jack at each sign location. Costs vary depending on the building.

Prepare Content

Client will contact Marketing and Communications to begin discussing Content and Strategy. Training is provided online through BlueLine.