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Q. What was new in Banner 9? 

  • Banner 9 brings a new user interface and improved navigation and accessibility. The Banner 9 administrative applications all now have a consumer-web feel. It’s an intuitive, modern experience, whether you’re accessing applications via mobile, portal, or self-service interfaces.
  • Each application includes usability improvements, easing the learning curve and reducing the need for training.
  • Power users gain enhanced usability and navigation without losing their familiar business rules and shortcuts.Banner 9 in Use
  • It will also give you greater flexibility as you’ll be able to run Banner on any browser or tablet.
  • More Banner 9 resources

Q. Do I have to use a specific browser?

  • No, any browser will work.

Q. What to do if I am experiencing browser issues with Banner 9 usage? 

  • Banner 9 allows the usage of any browser to connect to the system, but there has been some irregularity with older versions of various browsers.  A User may have trouble connecting to Banner but had been fine connecting to it earlier.
  • First, try using a different browser.  If you can connect to Banner 9 with a different browser, you are good to go!
  • If a different browser does not work, try clearing the cache in that browser.  Please feel free to contact the Service Desk if you have questions on how to clear the cache.
  • One last suggestion is to try a private/incognito window.

Q. Are there be resources to help me become familiar with the new look of Banner 9? 

Q. Who can I contact for assistance?

  • For specific questions about interpreting data, which form to use, etc., contact your Banner Expert in your area.
  • For general questions, contact the Service Desk at ext. 1111, option 3 or
  • For Banner access, password resets (for Banner 8), etc., contact the Service Desk at ext. 1111, option 3 or