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myIT Support Guidelines


Below are basic policies established by the Division of Information Technology and Library Services for Creighton owned machines supported by Division. Areas that have their own support personnel may have their own policies. Please note that security concerns and matters of network stability take precedence.

Minimum Supported Requirements
Desktop file and printer sharing
Software licensing
About Software and Hardware
Creighton Property Life Cycle
Personal Property
Off Campus Support
Support of CHI Technology


Minimum Supported Requirements

The policy of the Division is to support only Creighton owned computer hardware. At this writing Apple and Lenovo hardware using the English language. DoIT4Students supports student personal property that uses the English language.

Desktop file and printer sharing

The Division discourages the use of desktop service for printing, file sharing or web site hosting. To reduce support difficulties and degradation of workstation performance as well as security concerns, the Division does not install or support computer service from the desktop.
If shared printing is required, Canon is the official contracted print provider for campus.
 Contact the Service Desk to arrange for a Canon site survey of your location.

File sharing at the workstation level is not supported nor encouraged.
 Use server based file sharing on systems such as Albatross.

Neither web, nor FTP services are supported on CU owned desktop workstations.
 Use provided web and FTP network servers configured for volume traffic.

Contact or 402-280-1111 on campus to address questions on these topics.

Software licensing

Proper proof of license is critical. Users must provide proof of license for any software installation other than those where Creighton has a site license.

All software used on Creighton owned computers must be owned by the University.

DoIT must have a copy of all software used on Creighton owned systems as well as a legally obtained installation key.

Generally speaking licensing restrictions require that University owned software be installed only on University owned equipment. In most cases installing University licensed software on personal property is a license violation. If you believe a software title might have a contractual exception contact DoIT to verify.

Creighton Property Lifecycle

Creighton employees must follow established procedures in dealing with university owned computer equipment.

  • What is Creighton's procedure in regards to computer equipment when employees change their employment status?
    • Creighton computer equipment remains property of the university regardless of an individual’s employment status (e.g. retiring, adjunct, emeritus, Phoenix Campus, etc.).
  • Will Creighton provide or allow computer equipment to be purchased by a current or previous employee?
    • Creighton does not “gift” nor “sell” computer related equipment to individuals. These items remain property of Creighton from purchase until proper disposal/destruction is completed.
  • Whom should I contact about computer equipment needing to be removed, re-purposed, recycled or disposed of?

About Software and Hardware

At this time the University provides a computer and the software needed for employees to perform University business. Such hardware and software is the property of the University and is supported by the Division of Information Technology and Library Services. Software must be installed and sometimes registered with approved CU credentials.  A ticket must be started in the ticketing system to ensure the software is loaded properly. 

The University contracts with specific vendors to create a consistent environment and possible preferential pricing.

  • Purchases of non-standard hardware and software should be coordinated with administration, Purchasing and the Division prior to purchase.
    • Purchases made without the above coordination may not be supported, and may be removed from service.  
    • Purchases made without the above coordination are not entitled to reimbursement if purchasers used their personal funds.
    • Purchases made without the above coordination may result in employees being asked to return the purchased materials if the materials were purchased with University funds or P-card.

Personal Property

myIT Support Services Faculty/Staff technicians work only on Creighton owned computers. Due to liability concerns and finite resources, personal property cannot be repaired or maintained by DoIT technicians even if a personal system is used for Creighton work.  The Division will suggest fee-based local service providers but endorses no particular provider over another.

Off Campus Support

myIT Support Services Faculty/Staff technicians work only on Creighton owned computers. Due to liability concerns and finite resources, Creighton owned equipment approved for home use cannot be serviced by IT technicians at a residence. The Division will address tickets for Creighton owned home computers that are brought to campus.


Mini-switches and wireless access points are restricted in use in order to protect the stability of the network. Mini-switches are allowed in buildings scheduled for renovation. New buildings and renovated areas may not use mini-switches.
The expected standard is to install a jack for each network device. One jack = one computer or one networked printer.

Support of CHI Technology

CHI employees are issued CHI owned computers and those systems are supported by CHI designated technicians. The only circumstance where an CHI employee may have a separate, Creighton computer is if that CHI employee maintains a separate physical office wherein he or she does Creighton academic research. Those systems should be properly labeled as Creighton property and may be supported by Creighton/myIT technicians.

Please do not contact Creighton/myIT technicians for support of CHI computers, even if you are connecting to Creighton resources such as e-mail.  Creighton/myIT technicians cannot work on CHI systems. Please contact CHI support who will reach out to Creighton/myIT technicians as needed. CHI Support can be reached at: (402)717-1000.