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In an effort to streamline operations and meet federal and state regulations, the Division of Information Technology and Library Services and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) are modifying the process to dispose of unused Creighton owned computers and their peripherals.

Note: All non-electronic recycling will be rejected.  Technology Lifecycle can only take electronics (desktops, laptops, monitors - anything with wiring) and rechargeable batteries (standard batteries can be disposed and do not require recycling).  All paper recycling should be disposed through the standard paper recycling process and anything not considered recycling should be disposed.  


Steps for having computers/electronics moved:

1. Please visit  Log in with your Blue credentials and search for Recycle from the search at the top of the page.  Next select Electronics Recycling from the list and then Request Eletronic Recycle Pickup. Provide the information needed and click Submit. This will put your request in the Technology Lifecycle queue and we will coordinate a recycling pickup within 7 to 14 business days.

2. If you have large amounts of equipment to be moved (more than a car trunk load) or you have more than 10 computers, monitors, and/or printers to be picked up: Please submit a work order through Facilities Management-Moving Services to have Moving Services pick up the equipment. Please specify on the work request that the items are too large for DoIT to remove.

3. If you have scrap metal (file cabinets, metal enclosures, anything without electrical wiring, etc. to be recycled, please submit a work order through Facilities Management-Moving This material is not considered electronics waste and needs to go to another location.

4. If you have Medical or Scientific/Lab equipment that needs to be disposed of, please contact Mary Duda at

Please understand that, as in the past, Creighton computers may not be donated or given away, either to people at Creighton or outside of Creighton. All Creighton owned computers must be handled by the Division of Information Technology and EH&S to ensure that disposal is processed properly.

Further, keep in mind that old computers and their parts cannot be held or accumulated. These items are considered universal waste in Nebraska and Creighton must follow strict regulations with regard to labeling and disposal of these items.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this.

For more information about the electronics recycling process, please contact one of the following.

Technology Lifecycle
Mary Duda