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Consistent Timeline and Better Buying Power

When can I get a new computer?  This question has been answered very differently by various entities at Creighton University over the course of time.  The response really depended in large part on the department or division in which you worked and the available funding.  Some areas had refresh policies while others made decisions on a case by case basis.  The process worked for some and less for others.  The process did not allow for equal access to new equipment and it certainly didn’t enable Creighton to leverage any volume purchasing.  Therefore, Father Lannon and the President’s Council have approved a new process for upgrading computers effective July 1, 2013 for all areas of the University.

Replacement of outdated University computers will now be centralized utilizing a predetermined refresh cycle. This move is expected to simplify the process, ensure more standard security protection against viruses, and ultimately save the University money through volume purchasing.

Overview of Program:

  • Computers (PCs and Macs) will be replaced every 4 to 5 years
  • Volume price discounts will be achieved through bulk purchases. 
  • Unused or rarely used computers will be identified and removed if possible thus reducing support costs and information security risks. 
  • Older machines will be replaced thus providing a consistent platform capable of keeping up with evolving computer needs and standards.
  • All upgrades will be coordinated by DoIT thus eliminating the need for departments to order upgrades on an individual basis.
  • DoIT will be charged with the centralize management of the refresh logistics, and scheduling.
  • It’s estimated that this new procedure will save Creighton approximately $250,000 annually.

DoIT & the Purchasing Department have already submitted the first bulk order of new Lenovo PCs with an estimated savings of over $100,000!   The initial focus of the program will be on replacing outdated systems, most of which are Gateway computers.  DoIT will be reaching out to departments to make sure work needs are met while eliminating underutilized or unused computers from the network.  An overall reduction in the number of computers is needed to achieve the savings goal.


PC/MAC Tech Refresh for FY 2015

Supported with funding from the past two fiscal years, the Creighton Tech Refresh program has replaced over 1000 computers, and, retired nearly 1000 more. Approximately 20% of our campus computers were upgraded! The goal of the program is to leverage our volume buying power to replace as many of the oldest computers as our budget will allow.

DoIT, Purchasing and Finance are working together with the inventory each department submitted to Finance to identify which computers will qualify for this year’s program. An expired warranty does not guarantee that your computer will be replaced this year. Using the inventory your department submitted, and automated LANDesk reports we can determine the age of your system and the urgency for refresh. The oldest systems will generally have the highest urgency. If you are not sure if LANDesk is loaded on your computer, please call the service desk at x1111.

As this year’s candidates for tech refresh are identified, information will be posted on the DoIT website:

Note: Warranty information is not available from Apple. Please write to Refresh@cu with your Apple information (serial number/machine name/username) and we will estimate the year your computer will be refreshed.

DoIT will be providing updates on this initiative through the DoIT web page at,  Jaynet News, and Creighton Today.

Questions? Call the Service Desk at 402-280-1111 or write to