Network & Security



Antivirus/Anti-malware software helps keep the network clean and safe for all campus users.  The Desktop Engineering team maintains the central antivirus service that provides updates and reporting for all the enterprise antivirus clients.  If you have a university-owned machine, it should already have this software loaded and configured for you.

The current antivirus solution at Creighton is Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows and Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Macs.  If you have an older version, or are unsure, please open a ticket with the service desk to make sure you are properly protected.

If you have a personal device and would like to make sure it is protected, please see our list of recommended solutions for Personal Property below.

How to Obtain Antivirus Software:

Creighton Owned Computers

Creighton owned computers should arrive with the Creighton system image pre-installed which will have Kaspersky Endpoint Security already configured.

If you believe a Creighton owned computer does not have current antivirus software, call the Service Desk at 402-280-1111.

Personal Property (computers not owned by Creighton University)

Creighton does not provide antivirus software for personal (non-university owned) computers.  It is highly recommended that every computer be protected with antivirus.  Along with regular patching, security software is an important tool to preventing and containing malicious software.

There are many options for you to obtain antivirus for your computer.  You can