Project Management
Project management

The Division of Information Technology and Library Services has formed a Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO will bring a consistent framework for IT projects at Creighton University. The PMO guides projects through the IT governance process & provides best practice methods for completing projects.

The ITEC (Information Technology Executive Committee ) will set the priority for projects and the PMO will use these priorities for proper resource allocation. Proper resource allocation will improve the number of projects that are completed within budget, on schedule and within great value to CU.  See "IT Governance" Link @ Left for more info.

Once a project is complete the new application or service will be transitioned to a sustainable support/maintenance operation. The work the PMO is doing will be accomplished by working alongside the ITEC to create and maintain a process that will ensure governance decisions and resource availability are aligned with strategic plans.

The PMO organization consists of a PMO Director, PM's and Analysts. Given the limited resources of the PMO they will not manage every project the ITEC approves, but the PMO will facilitate best practices for those who are working on projects.

In addition, the PMO will regularly review the progress of all projects approved by the ITSC and maintain the IT Project Portfolio.