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Working for a Perfect 10

DoIT is happy to announce that work on Windows 10 for Creighton University has begun. A team has been assembled to look at the newest operating system from Microsoft to determine what it will take to successfully roll it out to faculty and staff. The team’s current goal is to deliver Windows 10 for Creighton hardware beginning in Early 2016.

Our Plan

This team will take a holistic view of Creighton’s computing environment, the applications, security, privacy, and usability concerns that affect all Creighton employees. To consider a release of Windows 10 for the Creighton Community, DoIT, along with other university IT partners need to evaluate and sign off on the following.

Concern Expected Review Timeframe
LANDESK compatibility Complete
Kaspersky Antivirus Complete
Win 10 Security/Privacy Review Complete
Banner Compatibility testing Q1 2016
SSRS compatibility testing Q1 2016
Discover compatibility testing Q1 2016
Printer compatibly testing Q1 2016
Network impact review Q1 2016
Active Directory Group Policy Review Q1 2016

This list, while incomplete, represents the bar to which DoIT holds computing standards for Creighton University. DoIT is committed to the best possible computing experience for all their customers, so patience is appreciated as we work thought the major process of getting ready for a new operating system on campus.

Given that this is an incomplete testing list and many departments have specific applications that will need to be tested, the launch window of Early 2016 may slip later into the year. Depending on hardware limitations, departmental applications and other restrictions, Windows 10 may be made available for some areas of campus earlier than others. As we get closer to launch, we will have more details around who can get Windows 10 and what that process will look like.

How Can I Stay Up to Date?

We will be updating this page with more information as we get closer to launch of Windows 10 for Creighton.