Network & Security

Report a Security Incident

A computer security incident is any adverse event that threatens the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of Creighton University information assets, information systems, networks, or data entrusted to Creighton University. A violation or imminent threat of violation of information security policies, acceptable use policies, or security practices is an incident.

Report Violations

Do NOT attempt to clean, repair, investigate, or tamper with any machine or device that may be involved in a security incident.  Information security violations should be immediately reported to the DoIT Information Security Department by email ( or by calling the service desk at 402.280.1111.  Please provide as much information as possible including:

  • IP address or hostname of affected machine(s)
  • Names and contact information for any individuals involved
  • Time and date of incident, or when incident was detected
  • Detailed description of incident or problem

Report Abuse or Virus Infections

Email or computer abuse and virus infection reporting should be directed to

Reports should include:

  • description of the problem
  • log files with dates, times, ip addresses, etc. (whenever possible)

Complaints without documentation are not credible. Emails must be intact with the full header information.  To preserve this information, do NOT simply forward emails, but send them as attachments. 

HOWTO: send email as an attachment

Personal Safety

Threats to personal safety should be reported directly to Public Safety (402.280.2911).