Computing & Printing

All software installed on Creighton University machines must be properly licensed. Without proof of license, the Division of Information Technology and Library Services may not be able to complete installation.

Individual software licenses

When a software product is purchased from a retail location (online or from a bricks and mortar store) that software comes with an individual license for use. You may install that application on your home/personal computer. The Division of Information Technology cannot assist with this installation. We do not provide support for your home/personal computer. Installation, updates and maintenance on these systems are your responsibility.

Campus site licenses

Site licenses may also be secured. A site license means an organization (e.g., Creighton University) has paid for the right to install and use a program without individual charges to departments for each installation on Creighton owned property.

Creighton's site licenses are available to Faculty and Staff (e.g., employees) only.