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How do I find the warranty information on my Lenovo or Apple computer?

To view your warranty information:

  1. Click the Warranty Lookup button below.
  2. On the manufacturer page, enter the serial number for your computer. (Found when you log into > My Equipment.)
  3. Then select the Check Warranty button.

* While you may look up the warranty on any Lenovo computer with this tool, only those computers that are the property of Creighton University can be considered for computer refresh.

Lenovo Warranty Lookup

This link only works with Lenovo computers.  

Apple Warranty Lookup

Apple Warranty Lookup

This link only works with Apple computers.


Please be aware that Creighton University buys computers with a three-year warranty and self-insures for one year after.  We refresh computers every four to five years.  If the results of your warranty lookup show that your computer is out of warranty, this does not automatically mean you are eligible for a computer refresh.  All computers are verified for eligibility prior to processing for a computer refresh.

Note: While your system may be eligible for computer refresh, this does not guarantee immediate attention. While all computer refreshes are verified, older and failing computers will take top priority in the refresh process.

If you have questions regarding the refresh process please email