IT Services

1.       Why would I need to use High Performance Computing (HPC)?

Faculty, staff, and students who are leveraging intensive programs or large amounts of data may not be able to run these applications efficiently on their local machines. High Performance Computing allows you to take advantage of Enterprise Grade Servers to allow applications to run more efficiently.

2.       What HPC environments are available with the RAD Lab?

Blue Crunch – A Graphics Processing Unit based server cluster – best used for GPU accelerated workloads.
Phoenix – Used for CPU intensive workloads.  
JayGround – Best suited for applications with a high thread count that can NOT be spread among multiple computers.

3.       Who can take advantage of HPC?

HPC can be used by any Creighton employee or student with an academic need with a faculty sponsor.

4.       If I’m not a computer expert, can the RAD Lab assist me?


5.       Is my data safe in the HPC environment?

Yes, data is replicated to an off-site backup. In addition, only you can access your data.

6.       Where can I get more detailed information about HPC.

You can find more info here - Detailed Information.pdf

The HPC environment continues to grow! As new hardware and software is implemented, this page will be updated.