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Windows Remote Desktop FAQ

How do I find Remote Desktop on my Windows 7 or 8 computer?

Type “remote desktop” into the search field of any Windows 7 or 8 computer.  Remote Desktop Connection will be found among the results.

What pre-configuration is required on my office PC ?

  • Acceptance of remote desktop connections must be enabled on the computer.
  • Your Blue domain account must be authorized to connect remotely to the system.
  • The system’s power settings must be set to remain powered on and not allowed to sleep.

Note:The change of these settings requires administrator access on the system.

How do I find my office computer’s name or IP Address?

Click on the Start button, then type "system” into the search field of your office computer.  System (located in Control Panel) will be among the results.  Locate your computer’s name (ex.  DOIT-ABC12345D).  When entering this name into the Remote Desktop Connection tool, always append “” to the name.  (Ex.  Note:  the computer name is not case-sensitive.

How do I type my NetID when using my home computer to connect to my office computer?

Your home computer will try to include its name in the login credential that it sends to your office computer.  For example, a home PC will try to send its name as the “domain” (Basement-PC\abc12345) unless you force it to use “Blue” as the domain.  When using Remote Desktop on non-Creighton computers, type your username this way:  blue\abc12345

I cannot find “Remote Desktop Connection” on my Mac.  How can I get it?

Information about the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac can be found on Microsoft's website.

When I attempt to connect to my office computer I receive an error that the computer cannot be found.  What should I try?

  • Confirm that your home Internet connection is working.
  • Confirm that the GlobalProtect VPN Client is still connected.
  • Confirm that your computer’s name has “” appended to it.
  • Confirm that your office computer has not been powered off or gone to sleep.

When I close the Remote Desktop window on my home computer, do my programs continue to run on my office computer?

Yes, closing the Remote Desktop window on your home computer only ends the communication between the two systems, it does not log you off your office system or shut it down.

Can I print to my home printer from programs on my office PC when using Remote Desktop?

You should be able to print to home printers that are using a USB cable rather than wireless to connect to your home PC.  Wireless print will not work on your home PC until your VPN session has disconnected.  Note:  USB print has not been one-hundred percent successful to all printer models.

How can I copy a file from my office computer to my home computer while using Remote Desktop?

Locate the file on your office computer, right-click and select copy, then temporarily minimize your Remote Desktop window on your home PC then right-click on your desktop and select paste.