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Password Manager

A password manager tool is software that helps users encrypt, store, and manage passwords.  It enables users to create and maintain unique passwords for websites and other systems without having to memorize or write them down.  Password managers can also help you generate strong passwords that have as much complexity and length as you desire. 

The information security team encourages the use of a password manager as a way to securely store and manage strong passwords.  There are a number of good password managers available, and one such example is LastPass.

  • At this time, password manager applications are NOT supported by Division, but there are significant resources provided by the vendor or online community.

Security Tip: A password manager is only secure as its master password.  Pick a strong master password that is not used in any other accounts and does not match your BLUE password.



How a Password Manager solves your password problems:

Getting started with LastPass:

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