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These short technology presentations will be offered once a month and will cover technology you have in your office, on your computer and phone, or in the classroom. This is an easy, no cost way to learn about new and current of technology.

2022 Sessions:

The Exciting Evolution of Creighton University’s Web Presence - February 8, 2022

A lot has changed! And the changes are leading us to a better digital presence for Creighton. But with change comes the necessary adaptation to new processes and we’d like to help bridge the gap. We’ll talk about the new external creighton.edu website, as well as the new internal my.creighton.edu website and the phased approach that will lead us into the future.

Zoom Recording:  https://creighton.zoom.us/rec/share/mBBFadkL0qMT4tixky0bVRQgGKcJUztfNl-R...

View the PowerPoint presentation:  Logon-at-Lunch-Web-Evolution.pptx.



2021 Sessions:

Phone Photography:  Tuesday, June 15th 2021

Start the summer out right with our first Log on @ Lunch session, Phone Photography, on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 (12-12:45pm CDT).  It is open to all Creighton students, faculty, and staff.  The session presenter, RaDLab Director, Kathy Craig commented, “It is often said that the best camera is the one that is with you. Many of us carry around our smart phones everywhere. These phones often have amazing cameras. That makes it easy for us to take photos anywhere.”  During this presentation, Kathy will discuss:

  • Improving your phone photography
  • Using your phone to convert physical photos to an electronic format
  • Where to find free or inexpensive phone/tablet apps for editing photos

Kathy's Phone Photography BlueLine course:  http://bit.ly/CreightonPhonePhotography

Recording: https://creighton.zoom.us/rec/share/wRTId1HRt7GrfSWd_qgcysEF3-wgi6tOzAK1_9HABHa2ktRdRmnZJXSPK4I7fzBK.-H7Vyqa7NV4iB318

Recording Password:  R96a!1ALmyIT

IT Support:  Tuesday, July 20th 2021

Learn what IT Support is and the many ways it serves IT and the Creighton Community.  Meet the members of each team and get a brief idea of their responsibilities.

Presenter:  JD Rummel, Director, IT Support

Recording: https://creighton.zoom.us/rec/share/bTinSj9pOyOeG6343eQv3YNCjP1qDXW8bME2mlmrmQztQzR5PkzN_shxWNq_6NrF.iaERdBqb1zWqTqqG

BlueLine - Updates and Tips & Tricks: Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Get ready for the Fall Semester with the latest BlueLine updates and tips & tricks from the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

Presenters:  Instructional Designer, Molly Hines and Director of E-Learning, Andrew Bunton.

Zoom Link to Live Session:  https://creighton.zoom.us/j/9652819360 

Passcode: =GQ!S@8&


AI - Artificial Intelligence at Creighton and in Higher Education: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Did you know that we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) right here at Creighton with Jay Bot, the myIT Service Desk virtual assistant?  Robert Aki, IT Director of Enterprise Services Operations Center will discuss Creighton’s implementation and the impact of the AI chatbot at the service desk. Dr. Ryan Cameron, Vice President & CIO at Ivy.ai will continue the discussion with how AI chatbots learn and how Ivy.ai is impacting higher education.

Presenters: Robert Aki and Dr. Ryan Cameron

Zoom link to recording:  https://creighton.zoom.us/rec/share/YMpUFkXr808jk-JFDE85u--VOL9PI-pwJTV0...

AI Presentation - 09-29-21pdf.pdf

Indiana University - IR Summary (Chatbot vs. Traditional Search).pdf


Cybersecurity - Keeping Safe at Creighton and at Home:  Tuesday, October 19, 2021

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month.  Our Log On @ Lunch session will feature Bryan McLaughlin, Information Security Officer.  Bryan will discuss important cybersecurity topics such as:

  • The most common security mistakes that are seen on campus.
  • What everyone can do to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.
  • What the Division of IT is doing to protect the campus.

Presenter:  Bryan McLaughlin, Information Security Officer

Zoom link to recording:  https://creighton.zoom.us/rec/share/111bgUKvkdeQSOAg7li3JdCmjYCBpKGUwQ25...

Cybersecurity PPT Presentation - 10-19-21.pptx


New Identity and Access Management :  Wednesday, November 10, 2021

If you haven’t heard the great news, we have a new system of identity and access management launching soon.  Bryan McLaughlin, Information Security Officer, will provide us and the campus with a demonstration on the new interface for http://ami.creighton.edu as well as a discussion of the improved functionality and plans for the future.  

Zoom recording:  https://creighton.zoom.us/rec/share/7s2YMJYOZSPerjyJ834Z7oQQnEKjCnYlmDRx...


Computer Refresh & Recycle Programs:  Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Please join Christopher Erisson and Marian Brown as they discuss Technology Lifecycle. They will highlight the hardware request and refresh process, electronics recycling, and briefly touch on software.  They will outline the standard timelines for these technology requests including challenges with the supply chain and current plans to make improvements.

Zoom recording:  https://creighton.zoom.us/rec/share/ZJ0xW0XbmyUmNntUGDRFVMzlP0mltTXOo8bN...


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