Data Clean-Up Keeps Creighton Secure

Division of Information Technology and Library Services (ITLS) continues to improve data security policies and processes to protect Creighton systems and data.  To assist in this effort, ITLS will be retiring “Albatross,” Creighton’s primary data storage server.  We will provide alternate storage options for public, private, and confidential data, but the division is asking all faculty and staff to review and remove any data that is no longer necessary.

 Please review the full list of FAQ's for more details.server


  • What is the timeframe for moving all data off Albatross?
    • The timing will vary by division or college, since ITLS will work with each unit independently to set deadlines.
  • Who is responsible for moving data off Albatross?
    • Individual data owners are responsible for cleaning up data on Albatross and moving it to an alternate location.
  • What options are available for data storage other than Albatross?
    • Distributed File Storage (DFS), Sharepoint, and OneDrive.  To help determine which storage solution is best for you, see the file/data storage location, features, and uses review the data chart.
  • Will the Division of Information Technology and Library Services provide a project overview and best practice for moving data?
    • Yes. we will provide routine communication on the progress of the project.
    • Register and attend our “Breakfast Bytes at Lunch” session on February 21st at 12 noon in Skutt 104.
  • What type of support will be provided to me to setup and manage the DFS storage option?
    • Your local department IT support will:
      • help you review existing data, create a very flat directory structure, and discuss security groups for directory access.
      • train key individuals in the departments to transfer data to the new location.
    • Although your IT support can assist, the department is ultimately responsible for organizing and categorize their data and moving it to the new directory structure.
  • Are there tools available for me to complete a bulk download and data transfer?
    • There are no tools to automate the transfer of data.  This is an opportunity to review, organize and possibly purge old unused/unneeded data. The existing directory structure will change, so you will need to make sure folders are dropped under the correct directory. Review Decluttering your Data for strategies on how to begin a clean-up of your files.
  • How do I get help from IT to begin the process of moving my information off of Albatross?