Welcome to Card Services!

Your Creighton ID is more than just a card; it is a tool to access many of the services available on campus. From board plans to building access, parking garages to vending machines, your ID card is the key.

The Card Services Office issues ID cards and name badges for students, employees and vendors. The printing of contractor badges and guest cards require authorization, which employees may request online.

The various costs are included in the forms.

The fully-functional Creighton ID cards incorporate iCLASS technology, a contactless access system. These cards require special care to take advantage of the contactless "smart card" technology.

News and Announcements

  • Card Services has relocated to Harper Center, Suite 1090.¬†
  • Make deposits and manage Jaybuck$ accounts online¬†by visiting StudentLink. No login required to deposit as a guest. Blue credentials required for students and employees.
  • AMI photos are updated in real time from Card Services.

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Last Updated: 3/3/2020