Creighton is seeing an increase in phishing emails.  Phishing is a technique of tricking individuals into providing their ID and password in response to an authentic looking but fabricated email.  The easiest way to identify a phishing email is to look at the link in the email, if the link is not going to a website then it is not a legitimate email.  Remember, Creighton’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT) will only send official communications via the email address, if an email looks official but did not come from you should be suspicious.  If the email purports to be from Creighton regarding an issue with your email or other IT system and the email contains a link, that link should be to a website.  If the link in the email goes to a non-Creighton site, the message is probably spam and should be deleted. 

If you ever receive an email that appear suspicious you can call the Service Desk at x1111 or forward the message to and we will help you determine its authenticity.

Remember, you are the gatekeepers to Creighton’s systems, if you give up your password to a scam there are no other safeguards to prevent the scammers from stealing our data or using our systems to attack others.  If you think you have surrendered your password to a phishing email, change your password immediately at and/or call the Service Desk (x1111) for assistance.

Thank you,

Bryan McLaughlin
Information Security Officer
Creighton University