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The ability to create, distribute and analyze surveys online is a great boon for educational, business and research tasks. Creighton has licensed a robust online survey tool from Qualtrics that allows for a high degree of flexibility. University constituents with a NetID, will have individual access to BlueQ, powered by Qualtrics.

To access BlueQ:

  1. Go to https://blueq.qualtrics.com.
  2. On the login page, enter your NetID and Blue password and click Login.
  3. When using Qualtrics for the first time click I don't have a Qualtrics account on the login screen.
  4. Next a Terms of Service screen displays; click I accept.

Support Center:

Qualtrics now requires you to login to their Support Center with your BlueQ account to submit a support request. You can also still call 800.340.9194.

Learn More

For additional questions or concerns, please check the BlueQ FAQS, or contact one of the following:

Qualtrics Support



Service Desk servicedesk@creighton.edu 402-280-1111
Barb Stephens bsteph@creighton.edu