The information in Banner is sensitive and access to the Banner system is strictly controlled. There are two types of Banner Accounts: Banner Self-Service and Banner INB accounts.

  • Banner Self-Service Accounts (the NEST) are used by Students to view their schedule, update information, see Financial Aid, and register. Banner Self-Service accounts are used by Faculty to enter grades for courses they teach and to advise students. Banner Self-Service Accounts are created when your student or faculty record is created. Helpful Hints to using the Self-Service System.
  • Banner INB accounts provide more in-depth access and are provided as needed after an application process.

Banner Self-Service Password Problems

Your default Banner Self-Service (the NEST) password is your BLUE password.

Request a Banner account

To submit a request for new access or updates to existing access:

  1. Go to
  2. Select I Need Something.
  3. Select Access and Permissions.
  4. Select one of the following:  Banner Finance Access, Banner Student Access, or CUBuyplus Access.
  5. Complete the form.  There is a text field at the end of the form for special requests.
  6. Click Submit.