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Learning Environments strives to maintain a standardized technology package across all of our supported classrooms. This enables faculty, staff, and students to learn the classroom audio/video system quickly and walk into any DoIT supported classroom and instantly feel comfortable with the available equipment and controls.

Every DoIT support standard classroom includes:

  • Data projector and appropriately sized screen
  • Control system allowing operation of projector's power, sources, and sound system volume.
  • Sound system appropriate for the room size and requirements 
  • Lecture capture equipment for BlueCast.
  • Instructor Podium consisting of:
    • Small form factor computer with Windows 7 Enterprise. 
    • DVD/VCR Player
    • Document Camera
    • Connections for a Laptop (VGA, Ethernet, 3.5mm Headphone audio connections)
    • Appropriate switching and scaling equipment operated by control system
  • Phone for contacting the Classroom Support hotline

Specific rooms may have specific equipment requirements so available equipment can vary from room to room, however every room will have what is listed above. 

Starting in the Summer of 2014 and ongoing the Learning Environments team has begun refreshing the classroom technology in supported classrooms and spaces with the new digital standard. The digital standard includes digital connections throughout the system including HDMI with a ring of adapters on the podium for laptops. The installed ring of a adapters includes Mini DisplayPort (thunderbolt), Full Size DisplayPort,  Mini HDMI, and Micro HDMI. VGA connections are also still included for older laptops without digital connections.