Project Management
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What is a Project?


Definition of a Project:

A project is a temporary endeavor that has a defined start and end date. A project must have a significant impact or scope for Creighton University that requires ITEC to identify the project’s priority. The assigned priority will facilitate securing resources which should ensure project delivery on time, within scope and within the budgeted resources.  All projects require a business case before moving into any implementation phase.

Generally, items identified as a project will meet 2 or more of the following criteria:

  • Greater than $50,000.00 including human resource costs (scale)

  • Greater than 300 hours of effort (scale)

  • 3 or more University departments (scope and complexity)

  • Impact to University community (impact and strategic alignment)

    • Greater than 70% of students, faculty or staff are impacted

    • Area impacted needs immediate and prioritized effort

    • Protects University reputation & standing

    • Directly drives forward or supports university strategy or the Digital Strategy


Operational or run-oriented projects, that do not meet the aforementioned criteria, will be managed and prioritized by the PMO with minimal overhead. These projects will be included in the overall IT Project Portfolio for the purpose of tracking overall resource allocation and to ensure that existing infrastructure and services remain highly available and continue to meet or exceed customer expectations.