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Intranet and myCreighton



How can I get Involved?

Have an idea for the myCreighton program and missed the survey window? Send the team an email at:

Introducing myCreighton

The myCreighton Program has been created to develop an intranet that meets the needs of our users and prepares Creighton University to become an intranet leader in higher education.

This program will be made up of several smaller projects. The first project will be dedicated to information gathering and design recommendations. Understanding what all users want and need is critical to overall success. In order to do this, Creighton will collaborate with Integrity Web Consulting, Inc. Integrity has broad experience in working with institutions of higher education and in completing the aforementioned assessments and recommendations. This project will focus primarily on the joint work that Creighton and Integrity will be completing in this area through June 30th, 2016.

What is an Intranet?

An Intranet in its purest form is a location with all the resources you would need for your day at Creighton. For Students, we could imagine one website where after logging in, you could see your current grades, upcoming assignments, how many Jaybucks you have left on your card, what the latest basketball scores are, and what the special is at Starbucks on campus this week. Faculty and Staff could imagine a similar experience that displays their HR payroll, benefits information, departmental news and updates from the President's Office. Best of all, you'd be able to access this anywhere, anytime, and on any device!

A true intranet does not exist at Creighton University right now. Typically, users launch the Creighton University Home Page and then search for pertinent information. Sometimes the search requires opening other sites or applications that require additional authentication. Today, key information should be displayed to a user based on their role and usage history at the University. Users should be able to travel seamlessly between sites and applications without having to enter their passwords again and pull data and resources meaningful to their Creighton experience.