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  • How does two-factor authentication work?

Two-factor authentication provides a second layer of security to any type of login, requiring extra information or a physical device to log inin addition to your password. By requiring two different channels of authentication, we can protect user logins from remote attacks that may exploit stolen usernames and passwords.

What is Duo?

  • Why do we need two-factor authentication?

Login credentials are more valuable than ever and are increasingly easy to compromise. Over 90% of breaches today involve compromised usernames and passwords. Two-factor authentication enhances the security of your account by using a secondary device to verify your identity. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

Why Duo?

  • How will Duo change my login experience?

When logging in to an application that is protected by Duo, you will still enter your username and password. After inputting your login information, Duo requires you to complete a method of second-factor authenticationDuo does not replace or require you to change your username and passwordThink of Duo as a layer of security added to your pre-existing login method.

  • Will Duo be required to log into all Creighton applications?

Duo Two Factor Authentication will be required for all single sign on (SSO) apps, such as myHR, BlueLine, or Zoom.  In other words, any application that has the blue Saint John's image on the login screen. (except Office 365)

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  • What is Duo Mobile?

Duo Mobile is a mobile application (app) that you install on your smartphone or tablet to generate passcodes for login or receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your mobile device. It works with Duo Security’s two-factor authentication (2FA) service to make your logins more secure.

  • What is the recommended two-factor authentication method?

If you have a smartphone or or tablet, we recommend Duo Push, as it is quick, easy-to-use, and secure. See an introduction to Duo Security and a demonstration of Duo Push in this short video: An Introduction to Duo Security

  • How much data does a Duo Push request use?

Duo Push authentication requests require a minimal amount of data -- less than 2KB per authentication. For example, you would only consume 1 megabyte (MB) of data if you were to authenticate 500 times in a given month.

  • How can I authenticate if I’m somewhere with no cell signal or WiFi access?

See this Duo Knowledge Base article for information on authenticating without cell or internet service: Duo Article

  • Can Duo see my password?

No. Your password is only verified by your organization and never sent to Duo. Duo provides only the second factor, using your enrolled device to verify it’s actually you who is logging in.

  • Does using Duo give up control of my smartphone?

No. The Duo Mobile app has no access to change settings or remotely wipe your phone. The visibility Duo Mobile requires is to verify the security of your device, such as OS version, device encryption status, screen lock, etc. We use this to help recommend security improvements to your device. You always are in control of whether or not you take action on these recommendations.

  • Why does the Duo Mobile app need to access my camera?

Duo Mobile only accesses your camera when scanning a QR code during activation.

  • What if I don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or cellular reception?

No problem. Tap the (drop) icon in the Duo Mobile app to generate an authentication passcode. You do not need an internet connection or a cellular signal to generate these passcodes.

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