Network & Security

Account Management Interface (AMI)

AMI is Creighton’s address book where you can view faculty, student, and staff phone numbers, email addresses, and departments. You can also update your own profile information as well as reset passwords and request accounts.

  • Directory Services
    AMI allows you to look up Creighton community members by name, email address, or (if you are logged in) by NetID. You can also manage some of your own contact information.
  • Password Management
    AMI provides password management tools for BLUE accounts.

How do I change my contact information?

  • If some of the information in your directory listing is incorrect, you can change it simply by logging in to AMI and choosing "Modify Contact Information" from the links.
  • You will be able to change your telephone number(s) and other personal information. You will also be able to toggle your photo display preferences, and (if you are a student) even whether directory information shows up at all!

How do I change my name?

  • Some information, like your name, or your permanent address, cannot be changed in AMI, as it is institutional information that needs to be verified by Human Resources (it gets used for salary, taxes, etc.).
  • Faculty/Staff - To change your name, either your preferred first name or your legal name, please Human Resources to facilitate your request.
  • Students - To update your preferred first name or change your legal name, call 402-280-4024 or stop by the Registrar's Office.

Tips for searching: Find a NetID

If you are looking for a NetID, you must log into the AMI system and then perform a directory search. The NetID is found in the blue title bar for that person. For security reasons, NetID is not displayed on the public search page.

Where is the help documentation for AMI?

The help documentation is available from the Help link in the upper right corner of the AMI interface. It contains tips and tricks that may be useful when using AMI.