Currently the Division of Information Technology and Library Services provides three methods of obtaining Administrator access on your computer, which are governed by the CU Computer Administration Policy.  In every case users should be conscious of the responsibility admin rights carry. Running as an admin not only allows you to alter Creighton property but opens the potential to endanger Creighton data by exposing it over the network. Admin rights should be employed thoughtfully and carefully.

  1. Short term access through the Service Desk All Windows and Mac users. The myIT Service Desk can provide you with temporary Administrator access to your computer for a period of 90 minutes.  To obtain this access call the Service Desk at 402.280.1111 during regular business hours..
  2. Short term access through self-service portal  Windows only. This is best used by persons who need to be able to regularly install software or updates on their own or others' systems. This option allows a user to enable a 90-minute period of Administrator level access for themselves 24/7/365 whenever the Creighton network is available. It is device and user specific.   To enable this access please contact the Service Desk at 402.280.1111.
  3. Long term (1 year) Administrator access All Windows and Mac users. Only technically advanced individuals should apply for this access. This option gives the user full Administrator access on their computer for a period of 1 year.  Obtaining this access requires the completion of an online computer security course and approval from the Dean or VP of the user's area. 

To start the process click this link to enroll in the self-paced, online security course.  Upon completion you will receive an email for you to print and have signed.  Turn that sheet into the myIT Service Desk and they will enable Administrator access to you on your computer. Any problems accessing the course please call the Service Desk at 402.280.1111. 

The Mac Power User Request Form is required for ALL new Apple computers before they can be deployed.   The power option requires a signature by your Dean or VP, see form for details.

Mac Power User Request Form

For more information, you can review the official policy at this link.