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We are pleased to announce that Canon Solutions USA has been selected as Creighton University's partner to manage the campus print centers and fleet printers effective mid 2016 for an initial term of five years. The Canon implementation will maintain the current print center locations, improve our service levels, and upgrade the entire printer fleet with faster, quieter and more reliable devices while reducing our campus print costs. The new service platform will also provide improved tracking and usage data down to the device level and support our anytime, anywhere, any device digital strategy. Feedback

Managed Print Services Implementation Timeline

Project Kick Off Completed
Project Charter Approved Completed
Campus Assessment Completed Completed
Organizational Change Management Plan Rollout Completed
Back Office Systems Configured and Tested Completed
Student Print Deployment Completed Completed
Criss Print Center Conversion Completed Completed
Murphy Print Center Conversion Completed Completed
Fleet Technology Configured and Tested Completed
Faculty/Staff Device Deployment Completed Completed
Post Implementation Assessment Completed
Project to Program Transition Completed

Check-in Updates!

Canon Liaison Weekly Check-in Meeting 6.21.16 (1).pdf

Departmental Liaison List

Managed Print Services Project Department Liaisons.pdf

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Presswise Print Center Training 

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