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BlueCafé FAQ

Attention! - Blue Cafe (WebEx) to be Discontinued June 30, 2018

Replacement Zoom Available Now!


Q:  What do I need to do to be able to set up and use BlueCafé?

A:  To schedule a BlueCafé session you first need to have a Host account.  Only a Host can schedule sessions and a Host must be present in the conference during the entire sessions.  By default the Host is also the presenter, but once the session begins the Presenter role can be assigned to others in the sessions who are not the Host. 

Q:  Can people outside of Creighton University participate in a BlueCafé session?

A: Yes.  While someone from Creighton with a Host account must create the sessions and log in to BlueCafé for the meeting, access for others is provided by a url and meeting number and does not require a log in.  So anyone who is provided that information can access the meeting without having a Creighton account. 

Q:  Can I record sessions in BlueCafé?

A: Yes. 

Q:  What is the fastest way to use BlueCafé for a meeting?

A: After you have a Host account you can create an "Instant Session" within Training Center which simply creates a meeting room on the fly without scheduling.  Here are the steps.

  • Go to BlueCafé at https://BlueCafe.webex.com and log in with your Host account
  • Click the Training Center tab across the top, and then click the Instant Session link on the left side
  • Enter a session Topic, check the box for Audio Conference if you wish to use audio, and then click the Start Session button
  • Once the session opens a new window, find the Training session number under the Session Info tab and provide it along with the url http://bluecafe.webex.com to anyone you want to join the session. OR, you can click the menu item Participant and select Invite and Remind.  Type in the email addresses for the people you wish to invite and click Send.  This will send an automatic email to the email with links to join you in the session. 

Tip: If you plan to use the Instant Session option a lot, you can make a shortcut/bookmark/favorite to the URL for it in your browser.  Whenever you click the bookmark it will ask you to log in if you are not already, and then take you to the page to create an Instant Session.

Q:  Do I need to do anything at the end of my meeting to shut down the room?

A:  No, not really.  As a host the room will shut down automatically when you close the WebEx application.  If you plan to leave when others are still using the meeting space you will be presented with the chance to allow another Host to take over and continue the meeting when you leave.


Q: Why don't I see BlueCafé as an option in the conferencing area of BlueLine?

A: There is currently no integration available between BlueCafé and BlueLine. To schedule a meeting you must go through the scheduling tools at https://bluecafe.webex.com