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Attention! - Blue Cafe (WebEx) to be Discontinued June 30, 2018

Replacement Zoom Available Now!

WebEx, the application we at Creighton refer to as BlueCafe, will be retired as of June 30th. During the fall and spring semesters, the Division of Information Technology and Library Services successfully piloted the replacement service, Zoom, with the Creighton campus community. Our pilot participants found Zoom to be easy to use and better audio / video clarity. 

Go to the Zoom Login Page.

BlueCafe (WebEx) Recordings

If you have BlueCafe (WebEx) recordings saved and you want to keep them, it is necessary for you to download them prior to June 30th.  WebEx recordings use a proprietary format and must be download and converted using a WebEx program. Do not delay as access to BlueCafe will end June 30th!