In order to request an SSL certificate you will need to follow these steps:

1) Generate a certificate signing request (CSR) with a 2048 bit RSA private key. (If you need help generating that please see this page)

2) Go to

3) Fill out all the required fields in the form. You will need to copy and paste the text of your CSR into the large text box. The entire contents need to be pasted including the -----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and -----END NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- fields.

4) Click Continue.

5) You will be asked to confirm the details of your request

6) Click Submit.

7) The security team will review your request and, if it is valid, approve it.

8) Once the certificate has been approved and generated by GlobalSign you will receive an email that contains the new certificate as well as the intermediate GlobalSign certificate. BOTH need to be installed for your application to work.

9) Follow the directions for your application to install the certificates.

**Please note, we will not approve certificates for test systems. If you need a certificate for a test system, please use a self-signed certificate.