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DoIT is proud to present the results of the 2014 Undergraduate Technology Survey. The 2014 survey was launched using an enhanced question pool with permission from the Educause Center for Applied Research (ECAR) study. The use, ability, and impact of technologies were covered in the survey. The results will be presented to groups all across Creighton University.

2014 Student Tech Survey

Through the annual DoIT technology survey, students shared their views with Creighton leaders about what technology services and support are most valuable for them. DoIT, working in collaboration with The Creighton Edge and Student Life, had a great level of student input and participation with 1,159 responses! The survey provided direct feedback from the students, which DoIT is able to use to chart critical decisions regarding what technologies are most in-demand from students.

The technology survey was a collaborative effort working with The Creighton Edge, Student Life, DoIT and others at Creighton. Members of this project led by DoIT’s Ryan Cameron and Tobias Nownes, also included John McCoy (Creighton RaDLab), Wayne Young, Jr. (Student Life), and Barb Stephens (DoIT). The project sponsors look forward to continuing this important survey next year!